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You can call me Ana. I live in the eastern parts of Europe with my husband and our cheeky toddler son (D.). My background is Law and Contracts, but my heart is in Food and all things Wellness & Healthy living. You can often find me in my kitchen or hiking somewhere green outdoors.  

About Shine Mommy

Here, on my little corner of the Internet, you can find  tasty, homemade meals (featuring whole foods) and occasional health(ish) indulgence recipes. To add some color, I also write about wellness and travel and even sometimes share home decor ideas. 

Most importantly, I strive to feed my family real foods – foods as close to their natural source as reasonably possible (unprocessed or minimally processed). Foods that are rich in nutrients and support good health and vibrant well-being. A journey of a lifetime!

If you wonder where to start, well, it all begins with good breakfast, so why not checking out our favorite Wild Berry Muffin Recipe! Or if you are in for a savory bake, definitely try this one bowl Oatmeal Bake with Feta and Yogurt

I’d also recommend cooking our Skinny Honey Glazed Carrots recipe (vegetable side meal) that can be paired with an Easy, one pot oven bake trout. It’s ideal quick meal on weekdays. 

For dessert maybe try our Heavenly Coconut Macaroons (only 3-ingredients and super simple to make). They usually disappear within an hour. 

A bit about me

I am a lover of positive affirmations, power naps and mindful living practices. I enjoy doing yoga and running (when I have time that is).

Coffee is not my friend. I used to drink considerable amounts until I realized how bad my PMS symptoms were getting due to the daily consumption of the ‘’black gold’’. I gave it all up in just a day. Ever since juicing and smoothie making has become my ‘daily dose of medicine’.


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