New York. The Gray and the Squirrels.


Some say, New York is one of those cities – you either love it (and never leave) or hate it. I am probably one of a few that have mixed feelings.

The coldness surrounding gray, mountain tall skyscrapers can definitely feel depressing (for a person, like me, who loves sun light).  Chills run through my spine every time I my mind walks between the cold (indifferent even) sky tall buildings. 


There is one place I can probably spend my whole day and that’s a Whole Foods store. I love picking up my fruits and veggies with love, taking the time to enjoy, smell and appreciate them. Now that David is always grocery shopping with us that proves a bit tricky.  


If you want to see 100 squirrels in one place, go to Central park. ‘’Give me something good to eat, please’’ reads the little squirrels face, while the she swiftly makes her way to Adrian.


The loveliest part of the walk around the metropolitan that never sleeps was Central Park. I love how the park area is solely maintained with donations. There, the beauty of community spirit and support of Americans is admirable.


At the end, one thing is clear, all bridges lead to New York. 

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