Styling a red coat. The urban red riding hood.


Usually, every good weekend story starts with cozy baby snuggles and a cup of homemade herbal tea. As we had some family visit us the past weekend, we decided to grab breakfast at the local cafeteria. The unfortunate part of getting up with the roosters is that David’s batteries start to run low around 11ish. Thank goodness Mom is a proper vehicle and can carry around a sleepy toddler.


With full bellies, on the way home we stopped at the nearby (mini) park to let David run around and get some energy out. Double Breakfast (one at home and other at the cafe) can lift toddler’s energy levels to unseen heights.

french style red coat
style red coat fall

After jumping, running and hiding (basically I did my weekly exercises at this point), we slowly headed home. Bye bye, city park – see you next weekend (if it’s not raining that is).

COAT: I got this coat from La Redoute a few years back. My personal favorites from this fall’s collection are this one  (it’s more of a business look) and a similar hooded one (it’s available in wine red and grey). 

BOOTS: I purchased the boots two years ago from Humanic. Brand Tom Tailor, genuine leather.

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