The Basic & Healthy Homemade Granola Bars | A modern take on the Three Little Pigs story


The three little pigs story has been on repeat in our household for the last couple of months. D. requests we tell the story a few times during the day, sometimes even more.

Apparently though, he’s too young to understand why the Big Bad Wolf wants to eat the poor little piggy and its brothers.  

So, lately he came with a new, modern version of the tale. The big bad wolf wants to have a bite of the piggy’s granola bars that get regularly stashed under the bed. Everyone in the village is annoyed with the pigs – they are good at making these super tasty homemade oatmeal granola bars, but do not want to share with anyone (how rude!). The big bad wolf ‘’comes to the rescue’’ in his own wolf-y way – to get his tale burned at the end.

It all totally makes sense to me. Especially now, when he’s a Peppa pig fan – Peppa is kindda friends with Wendy Wolf (#spoileralert).


Who knew pigs can cook healthy granola bars, right?  I’m thinking if they like oats, they would probably also enjoy our Raisins and oatmeal bars. 


  • 300 g oats
  • 200 g medjool dates (pitted) *
  • 50 g honey 
  • 50 g seeds of choice (I used chia seeds, dried blueberries and organic coconut shreds)


  1. Put dates in a food processor of choice and mix until a smooth paste is formed
  2. Add honey and mix well
  3. Optional: bake the oats for about 5 min (until golden)
  4. In a bowl, mix oats and seeds/coconut well until combined. Dough may be sticky and dry in the beginning. Just keep mixing. 
  5. Lay flat in a pan and distribute evenly.
  6. Refrigerate for about 30 min (or until dough becomes firm)
  7. Cut and serve (to the piggy next door :))

I’d love to hear how it turned out for you! You can leave a comment below and/or snap a picture and share it on Instagram – using #shinemommy and tagging @anashinemommy in the photo itself.

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