Toddler Winter Activities Ideas (2018)


December is officially in and winter has already shown it’s gorgeous (aand pretty cold, snowy face). As we cannot go out that much, or at least not for too long, I am in search of ideas for toddler friendly activities that are different from Mall visits.

As our 2 year old cheeky little guy wakes almost every morning with the word ‘’play, now!’’ I realize my old tricks (like strolls in the center/ visit to the mall early in the morning when normal people are still sleeping) might no longer work.

For some winter equals to pure sunshine and/or a rainy drop here and there (ehh, tropical winters in Miami how we miss you).  For the cake of today’s post though (and to keep Santa happy – I’m sure he’s watching my every move these days), I’ll list some of my favorite ideas for snowy winter activities.

I am not completely confident we’ll be able to do all the things listed below, but a handful are on my list.

Toddler Winter Activities Ideas

  1. Winter Activities for Kids by the Artful Parent (gorgeous and doable ideas)
  2. Gardening by Gardening Know – How
  3. Organic slime by Wellness Mama (on top of my list)
  4. Homemade bird feeders – By Happyhooligans 
  5. 20 Cold weather outdoor activities for kids  by HappyGreyLucky
  6. 25 Ideas for Indoor Activities for Kids by Nobiggie
  7. Snow Paining by the the Resourceful mama
  8. Winter Yoga for kids by the Pink Oatmeal 

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