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We often hear how finding balance is the key to a wonderful and healthy life. Many studies suggest that feeling in place reduces stress and improves our overall life satisfaction. What is balance anyway, one may ask?

I believe the definition around a balanced life changes as we grow older. And at every stage we might have days/moments when we feel overloaded and uninspired. That is the day we might want to reevaluate what really deserves our attention. What is worth doing and what we need to change.

And even if your idea of a balanced living is a complete opposite of mine you can still fully benefit from today’s topic. Because checking in with ourselves every once in a while ensures we give enough attention to the important areas of life. Knowing where you are headed guarantees you get exactly where you want to be. 

I first started using this tool when I was in college and up to this day I apply it every couple of months. The beauty of this tool lies in its flexibility. It’s simply adjustable to ones preferences – so it takes the pressure away from comparing ourselves to others.

Download your Free Wheel of Life template below

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The wheel has 8 dimensions that represent your most important areas of life.

For my wheel sample areas would be:

  1. Partner
  2. Children
  3. Family and friends
  4. Health
  5. Career
  6. Money
  7. Personal Development
  8. Fun

I always like to draw the wheel on paper because feels more real. Drawing dimensions on a piece of paper allows me to sit back and reevaluate the aspects of life that most matter to me. But if you are a #digitallover you can definitely do it on your computer.

Ones I have my priority dimensions in mind – I start to evaluate how much time and love I give to each area on the wheel.

I’ll make 2 marks for every dimension – one represents how much attention I actually give to a certain area, the other the desired state of being. My goal is not to make a perfect circle (score of 10), but to think about how much attention I’d like to give to every aspect of my life.

Once I draw the current versus the desired state of being, I like to check in with my partner. Having someone who deeply cares for you, review your life priority areas allows me to get outside view without the judgement or pressure I often put on myself.

Now, having my life drawn on a simple piece of paper in one hand, I can make a confident step towards changing what needs to be changed. 

Knowing the Self is the first (and probably most important) step towards positive life changes, isn’t that right? 

Little Tip: I like to keep my ‘’old’’ wheels of life from past years in order to trace back my own personal growth and self-reflection.

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